Sustainable Project Design

Our turnkey solutions offer you a modular, customisable and decentralised solution concept tailored to your specific needs, saving you resources and valuable time. As we work on your sustainable project, we keep the SDGs and your autonomy in mind by building self-sustaining ecosystems.

If your government or business doesn't want to go the extra mile, our turnkey solutions are the more affordable, simpler and smarter long-term solution. Our focus is on ESG transformation for holistic results and impact. We see it as our mandate to develop innovative circular economy solutions that achieve very high standards of profitability and sustainability by applying green energy, zero-waste production and water technology methods, to name a few.

Company Growth Design

Our company growth design is engeneered and laid out for highly dynamic, fast-growing and highly funded start-ups to ensure growth in the near and distant future. We are directly involved in your company’s business strategy for high-growth structures. Combining business development…

with learning & development, including strategic people development.


Deepening employee retention strategies to increase job satisfaction and overall success increases your company's return on investment and impact. We understand our work in collaboration with executive boards, CHROs, all HR departments and external service providers.


We balance your customer problem with the objectives of your social enterprise. Our organisational design is tailored to ESG transformation from a product and business perspective.


Remote Business


Your one-to-one digital business coaching service to support your on-site execution team. Our remote business coaching service benefits your business through location flexibility, improving employee work-life balance, enhancing employee sense of purpose and improving engagement. Remote business coaching is…

particularly suitable for project managers who need to have good time management skills in order to achieve business goals within a given timeframe.


Project managers work with many employees with different personalities, which is a difficult task. They need to coordinate their staff to focus on a common agenda set by the company's mission and vision. We reduce the financial and administrative burden of project management by focusing on individual tranches. We work with the best players in the remote business coaching market, so we are able to serve and match over 150 people.

Agile Leadership &

Team Coaching

Project management requires strong and agile leadership. We support your leadership and team to adapt to changing situations within the project to ensure effective coordination between team members and to keep the project goals in mind. Your leadership skills are vital to achieving the goals of an organisation.

We have certified agile leaders who are highly qualified to provide agile coaching for effective leadership.


We use a co-created and creative approach to implement agile principles, tools and practices that are sustainable and tailored to grow your business or project for the long term. We focus on one or more teams within an organisation's programme or project.


Our highly skilled experts provide agile team coaching to build a stronger team that is razor-sharp focused on delivering the mission of a business or institution.

Project Interim C-Suite


C-suite level executives must have strong communication, leadership and team-building skills. They set the direction of the project they oversee and hire staff to ensure that day-to-day management is in line with established policies and plans. C-suite management ensures that the small goals of large projects are realised.

The main challenge is to keep the long-term goal in mind. It requires forward thinking and design to determine the most suitable leader to take over a project once it is implemented.


We offer our interim C-Suite management services for the execution of your project to help you lay the initial project foundation and transition once your ideal candidate has been selected.




C-Suite Coaching

C-suite coaching is designed for government leaders, CEOs and C-suite leaders. You will work with our professional coaches who have extensive experience and utmost discretion to address the unique challenges you face in building a robust culture and achieving results in government or business. This service is designed for leaders…

among others, who are in critical decision-making, fast-moving and highly funded projects to ensure complete and lasting success in the near and distant future.


We assess your current skills and leadership qualities that are essential to leading the C-suite. We identify gaps in your organisation and opportunities for growth. We will work with you to set goals for C-Suite Executive Coaching and create a personalised/customised development plan.


We will meet regularly to work on key strategies to achieve these goals. Between sessions we will work on individual action steps and put new behaviours into practice. We will evaluate your progress through self and external assessment.

C-Suite Mentorship

Our Start Up 2 Grown Up service represents the progress and transition of both you and your organisation or mission in your country. This service is designed for leaders, among others, who are in critical decision-making, fast-moving and highly funded projects to ensure complete and lasting success in the near and distant future.

We serve as trusted advisors, our collaborative and professional C-suite mentoring focused on helping leaders achieve better wellbeing and performance levels by assessing challenges and designing a pathway to help them achieve their goals and leave a legacy.


We support and develop competent leaders who want to solve operational problems, drive life and performance improvement processes and achieve targets for improvement.


Personal ESG Transformation

We offer innovative leadership training programmes for emerging cutting-edge leaders who want to leave a legacy for future generations. We assemble round tables with a maximum of 12 leaders each, focusing on achieving personal and individual transformation and impact through three modules: Become a Powerful Builder, Develop an Eagle Eye View and Leave a Legacy for Generations.


In these modules, we will show you the secrets of building far-reaching trust, the strategic keys to purposeful action and how to leave your legacy at any age, ways to create cross-departmental momentum, secrets of collaboration that will give you an edge over your competitors, and much more.



Gold 999% | starting from 4kg

AU Metal Gold Purity 999% – registration-free


As your concierge service we liaise your purchase of gold assets. Our exclusive partner based in Germany and Switzerland with headquarters in Switzerland and international LBMA wholesale licence will conduct and deliver the service from A-Z. This service starts from 4kg single purchase and can be altered to consecutive deliveries as you wish.

Unique benefits are the registration-free purchase from EUR 1,999.00 upwards as well as the secure payment and delivery process via escrow account.


The pricing will be in accordance with the price as quoted in the LBMA in Euros per kg.


Delivery exception for embargoed countries.



Deposits are made into an escrow account.

All payment options can be used.

Direct cash payment options in Switzerland via the receiving trustee are additionally possible for an additional fee.


We will make sure to get a good deal for you.


Make sure to also contact us shall you wish to have other high-volume requests we may arrange for you.

Gold 94% | 20,000kg

AU Metal Gold Purity 94 % minimum or better  – gold dore bars.


Currently not avaiable





This service includes 20000 kg annually over 12 months with extensions and rolls divided into five one-time deliveries of 4000kg for every 60 days.


Your first gold asset delivery will be done within 4-6 weeks after signing the contract and verification of the confirmed SBLC. The pricing will be in accordance with the previous day's second fixing price as quoted in the LBMA in Euros per kg.


We will make sure to get a good deal for you.


Make sure to also contact us shall you wish to have other high-volume requests we may arrange for you.