This is Us


At the heart of our first generation family business is a team made up of skilled professionals from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.


We all share the same vision, mission and values, with our team members bringing skills and diversity from various sectors such as organisational development, project management, military, the aviation industry, finance, strategic management and trusted advisory board.


These areas are pivotal to what we do because it enables us to utilise the experience and skills that range from planning to team, from strategy to insight.

Despite our different backgrounds, we all come together to achieve a common goal It’s about delivering sustainable results, seeing progress and embracing transformation.


Respect is how our team members work together, accepting and embracing the different experiences, talents, knowledge, strengths, weaknesses and competencies they contribute. These work together to make us who we are.


The team and our network include countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, the United States of America, Nigeria, Malawi, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, the Kingdom of Bahrain and many others.

Our Mission

“Leaving a valuable legacy;

making history with our clients.”

Our mission is to work with our clients to transform today in order to improve tomorrow We seek out solutions to problem causes and we implement innovation when it comes to visions, systems and implementation plans.


We tackle future challenges with forward thinking ideas and products, all of which is enhanced by placing a focus on ESG* transformation and SDG**


*Environmental, Social, Governance

**Sustainable Development Goals

Our Vision

“Thriving Nations REform, REbuild, REstore.”

Our vision is to deliver work that is driven by significant solutions, which enable us to look at a brighter future for generations to come.


We work closely with companies, institutions and nations to help them face ethical and human dignity challenges of today, all of which makes for a better future With this we envision RockSolid Global LTD to become the world’s most sought after team of skilled professionals in ESG Transformation*


*Environmental, Social, Governance


Our Values

Our Contribution

A non-profit association, building Malawi’s first birth clinic to decrease child death, train midwives and give mothers the support they need. They also dedicate their work to promoting development cooperation and public health in Southeast Africa Malawi.

In 2005, the founders, envisioned a future where the most vulnerable children of South Africa would not grow up on the streets or in institutional organisations. Instead, they would experience a second chance at a loving family life.

The non-profit association is dedicated to the development of infrastructure in rural areas in Sierra Leone and other developing countries. The goal is a positive change in the working and living conditions of the population. The projects serve to help people help themselves and are developed in a participatory manner.

With the “cold” bus and the emergency overnight stay, the Berlin City Mission wants to prevent people from freezing to death in Berlin. From November 1STof each year until the following March 31ST, the “cold” bus and its team search for helpless homeless people who are no longer able to go to an emergency overnight stay on their own.